Get A Brake Inspection Immediately If You Notice One Of These Warning Signs Or Problems

Most people don't spend a ton of time thinking about their brakes unless a mechanic tells them there is a problem during an annual inspection or whenever you take your car into the shop for scheduled maintenance. But if you should notice something wrong when pushing down on the brake pedal or notice something amiss with the brakes for any other reason, you do not want to try and push your luck and wait to get your car into the shop. If you notice any of the following issues with your vehicle, you need to get a brake inspection professional to look at your vehicle as soon as possible or you might be putting yourself and other drivers at risk out on the road. 

You Hear Any Kind of Noise When Pushing Down on the Brake Pedal

It's not uncommon to hear a screech out of your tires if you need to slam on the brakes. But if you hear something that seems more like a grinding noise or the sound of metal on metal, this is likely the brakes telling you there is a serious problem brewing. It could mean your brake pads have worn so thin that the gears are now bashing into other metal parts instead of the pad. You are at risk of doing further damage to your brakes every time you hit the pedal and if you do enough damage, you might get to a point where you hit the brakes and your car does not slow down as quickly as it should.

Your Brake Fluid Light Turns On or You Notice Possible Brake Fluid Under the Vehicle

Your vehicle likely has a lot of warning lights on the dashboard but if you are lucky or stick with a regular maintenance plan, you hopefully won't see them turn on very often. That said, brake fluid or brake warning light is not a notice that you can ignore. This could indicate a leak that is causing your brake fluid to get low. If you ever see fluid outside the car and it doesn't look like engine oil, chances are it could be something else critically important. Brake fluid that appears to be more clear or has a yellow tint to it, for example, likely means you have a problem with your brake fluid and need to get your car to a shop.

Someone Tells You One of Your Rear Brake Lights is Not Turning On When It Should

Sometimes a bulb in your rear taillights can just burn out and it's easy enough to replace it. But what happens if you replace the bulb but are still being told by others that your brake lamps or lighting is still not turning on when you push down on the pedal? There could be something wrong with the connection between your brakes and the lights that you should have a professional look at.

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