Hiring A Dedicated AC Service To Maintain The Air Conditioing In Your Fleet Vehicles

Vehicles that spend most of their time on the road need regular service to keep them running smoothly. Air conditioning repair requires some special tools and knowledge, so for many fleets, using dedicated truck fleet AC services to maintain and repair the AC systems make sense. 

AC Requirements

Trucks that are on the road all year long need heat and AC systems that work to ensure the driver or team opening the vehicle can do so comfortably. If the truck is hot in the summer and cold all winter, the driver's performance can be an issue, so taking the time to service the heat and AC system regularly can make a huge difference.

The AC system in your fleet trucks may need recharging, belts replaced, and the compressor services once a year to ensure it is operating at peak performance. The system may also need regular cleaning and inspection of the condenser and evaporator. 

Working with truck fleet AC services to handle the inspection and maintenance of the AC system is often more efficient than having a service tech do the work and allows the fleet shop more time to deal with critical mechanical repairs on your fleet trucks. 

Emergency Repairs

When the AC system stops working on one of your fleet trucks, it is vital to make repairs quickly. The system can go out for several reasons, but some can affect other parts of the truck if not fixed right away. 

A compressor that locks up can cause the drive belt to slip on the pulley until the belt wears through. If that truck uses a single serpentine belt on the engine, the AC system failure could cause the alternator, water pump, and other accessories to stop working and cause a breakdown.

If the driver notices an AC issue, having your truck fleet AC services provider check the system and make repairs could help avoid a more significant problem or breakdown that leaves the truck stranded on the side of the road. If your fleet trucks move cargo, this could result in a late delivery that costs your company money through potential fines for the late delivery.

Regular Maintenance

Avoiding breakdowns involving the AC systems in your fleet trucks may be as simple as having fleet truck AC services check and maintain the system in each vehicle on a regular rotation. When the truck comes off the road for standard service in the shop, scheduling AC services can ensure the system gets checked every few months. 

Using a large fleet truck AC services provider often allows you to get trucks in and out quickly and may offer multiple locations you can take the truck to have it serviced, even if it is on the road and working when issues appear. 

Reach out to a company that offers truck fleet AC services to learn more.

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