Reasons You May Have To Replace Your Car's Windshield

There can be a host of reasons why a car owner will have to invest money into replacing their windshield. In particular, there are a few issues that can be especially prone to causing individuals to have to replace their windshields.

Small Cracks That Have Grown 

Small cracks in your windshield can be an unfortunately common issue for any vehicle due to the risk of pebbles and other small pieces of debris impacting the glass while the car is moving. While a small crack in your windshield can be an issue that you may easily overlook, this can be a choice that may result in the auto glass being unable to be repaired due to the crack growing in size. Once it becomes large enough, auto glass resins will not be able to effectively seal and reinforce the glass.

Damage From Accidents 

Auto accidents can be another common reason for individuals to need to replace their windshields. Depending on the angle and force of the impact, the windshield could shatter or suffer large cracks following an accident. Individuals may assume that this is only the case for high-speed accidents, but it can also be common for side impacts to also cause this damage due to the way the force of these collisions will be spread across the surface of the glass.

This can lead to instances where the body damage to the vehicle may largely be minor while the glass has cracked or shattered. Fortunately, those that have encountered this damage may be protected by their insurance for repairing this damage to the vehicle.

Hail Impacts

Hail storms can be extremely damaging for cars that are not in a covered area. Large hail stones can strike the vehicle with enough force to leave deep dents in the exterior body. If these stones strike the glass, they can break the glass. Due to the number of hail stones that can hit a car during one of these storms, the entire windshield may be covered in cracks, which may make it impossible to drive the vehicle to a repair center.

Fortunately, auto glass replacement services can often provide home service calls. However, you should be aware that these services can be in high demand following major hail storms, and this means that you should be prompt when scheduling these technicians to repair your car. Otherwise, you may have to wait up to several days before a technician can be sent to replace your car's windshield.

To learn more, contact auto safety glass replacement services. 

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