Purchasing The Right Trailer For The Cargo You Are Moving

There are many different trailers that you can purchase to pull with your truck or SUV. Finding the best trailer is often the most reasonable starting point, so choosing between things like standard light-duty trailers and enclosed trailers for sale can be necessary, depending on your needs.

Open Or Enclosed Trailers

Choosing the right trailer for your needs can take some time. For someone hauling any cargo that has a high value and needs securing, enclosed trailers can offer security for the load and protection from the elements and weather. Enclosed trailers are often more expensive, but finding used enclosed trailers for sale that the previous owner traded in at a trailer dealer or through a private sale can allow you to find the right trailer at a reasonable price. 

A standard open trailer may offer more flexibility because you do not have the height and width limitations of enclosed trailers. However, it is also important to remember that laws limit the load size on the trailer no matter what the style. If your goal is to put more cargo on the trailer, check the restrictions in your area to ensure you can load the trailer the way you want before selecting one over the other. 

Trailer Connection Type

Enclosed trailers and standard open trailers can both be found with standard straight pull hitches on them and with variations like a fifth wheel or gooseneck connector, depending on the size of the trailer. Enclosed trailers designed to carry heavy loads might be longer than standard trailers, so a gooseneck hitch will better support the trailer but limit the tow vehicle to trucks set up for these hitches. 

Equipment trailers, car trailers, and many other trailer types also use this system, and it can be highly effective at spreading the weight out and putting the tongue weight over the truck's axles instead of dragging the trailer from behind. The gooseneck system creates more stability in the way the trailer tows, and if you are considering enclosed trailers, there is often more wind buffering on the trailer, so any advantage to ensure the trailer tows smoothly is essential.

Specialty Cargos

Enclosed trailers offer some specific benefits that you will not get with any other trailer you try. Because the trailer is a complete box, the outer shell can help protect the items inside the trailer. This makes enclosed trailers a good option for someone moving specialty items like a restored car or custom motorcycles that you need to ensure are safe, clean, and undamaged when you arrive at your destination.

Valuable cargos that require security can also benefit from these trailers. Once the load is in the trailer and the doors are locked and sealed, no one can see what is in the trailer, and it is difficult for them to gain access, so the load can be moved without much risk and with a degree of privacy or stealth if required.

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