Some Common Issues With Diesel Engines and the Importance of Regular Servicing

You need to stay on the repair issues your diesel engine may be having if you want to keep it running. Ignoring issues puts the engine at risk, which can lead to the need for more repairs and possibly even the replacement of the engine or very expensive components. Read on to learn about a few things to watch for so you can know if or when to get your engine checked. 

1. Your engine is overheating 

When a diesel engine overheats, the coolant flow to the cylinders can be restricted. Overheating can also cause the camshaft to swell and even break. There can also be damage to the radiator, certain hoses, the bearings, the crankshaft, the head gasket, and even the engine block. This is why it's so important to find out why your engine is overheating right away, and have the problems repaired. The most obvious sign the engine is overheating includes the temperature gauge going into the red. There may also be a clicking noise, steam coming from under the hood, and a hot smell. If these things happen, get your truck to a mechanic right away. Regular servicing can help catch this issue early on. 

2. Your diesel runs rough when the engine is cold

If you notice your diesel engine is running rough when it is cold, then there can be several reasons for this. When this happens, there can often also be smoke coming from the exhaust pipe. The color of the smoke can help indicate what's wrong. If the smoke is blue, it may mean that engine oil is getting into places it shouldn't. If the smoke is black, then this may mean that there is an issue with the air to fuel ratio and some fuel wasn't burned, but instead became black soot. If the smoke is white, then this can mean that the fuel isn't being burned correctly. In any event, if you notice your cold diesel engine running rough, a trip to the mechanic is the correct course of action. This type of problem can be prevented or caught early during regular servicing. 

3. Your diesel truck is experiencing an increase in fuel usage

In many cases, a diesel that's using more fuel than normal may be a simple fix, but it needs to be attended to soon. The problem may be that the fuel injectors are dirty of the air cleaning element is dirty. Getting your diesel truck to the mechanic shop to have the issue tended to will result in future savings on your fuel expenses and can thwart other issues that can happen if the problem is ignored too long. Having your engine serviced can help prevent problems like this, so you don't need to deal with them at all. 

For more information, contact local diesel services.

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