What To Do When Your Import Car Needs Service Or Repair

When you drive an imported car, like an Audi or Volkswagen, some specialty parts are used on the vehicle that require you to take it to service shops specializing in import vehicles. There are shops dedicated to German cars in many areas that would be a good fit and will have the right tools, parts, and training to service your import correctly.

Finding A Service Shop

When you are looking for an Audi service shop to service your car, you can start with an online search of repair shops in your area. Often, shops that specialize in import vehicles will advertise that attribute, so clients looking for a new service shop can find them. 

While a shop specializing in imports may work on more than one brand of car, look for one that handles your brand. If you own an Audi, a shop that works on them may advertise that they specialize in German cars like Audi, Volkswagen, and other vehicles that are imported from there. 

You may want to call the shop and talk to them about your car and what you need to be done to it so you can get a feel for the work they offer, and determine if they can get your vehicle into the shop in a reasonable time frame. Ask the manager any questions you have about the business and their specialties while you have them on the phone to be sure you are comfortable with this service shop. 

Using OE Parts

When you take your import car to a service shop, you can typically ask them to use OE (original equipment) parts on the car during repairs, and many times they will have these parts in stock. Services like oil changes and brake service are everyday maintenance items, and when a shop specializes in one or two brands, it allows them to stock more OE parts because the variety of parts they need is smaller. 

An Audi service shop may only need a few different oil filters or several different air filters on the shelf to have one for the majority of the cars they service. Interchangeable parts are not uncommon with vehicle manufacturers, and this can make it easier for the service shop to use OE parts, keeping your car as original as possible. 

Import Certification

Many import service shops will hire ASE (National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence) and factory-certified technicians to work for them. This means that the Audi service shop you use has techs that know and understand your car and its systems inside and out. 

Look for the certification at the shop, or ask the manager if they have certified techs when you are considering the shop. Most specialty service shops do, and knowing that can make you more comfortable about having them work on your import car.

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