Do Luxury Cars Need Special Maintenance If You Don't Drive Them Often?

With all the restrictions during the pandemic, care for cars that aren't driven often is a concern. If you're lucky enough to own a true luxury-brand car and are nervous about driving it too much — either because of the potential for damage or otherwise — you should listen to the general advice about maintenance. Remember that having a luxury vehicle isn't just about the name; it's also about the workmanship and the looks, and those can affect maintenance and service routines.

Keep It Clean, Inside and Out

No matter how much or how little you use it, keep the car clean, inside and out. Dust gathers faster than you realize, and the days can zoom by. In fact, you may suddenly realize that you haven't touched the car in weeks. As such, create a cleaning appointment on your calendar to dust and vacuum the inside and clean the outside. You may also want to arrange with a service center that works on exotic and luxury cars to check over the exterior and do some detailing every couple of months or so.

The Tires Are a Concern

Letting a car sit for a long time increases the chances that the tires will be affected. You do need to start the car and move it occasionally to ensure the weight of the car rests on different parts of the tires' circumference. If you don't, the weight can push down on the tires and flatten the part that's against the ground. This won't happen after only a week or so, of course, but if you leave the car in one spot for a couple of months, for example, you could end up needing new tires.

When Should You Take It Out?

Letting a car engine sit idle for a very long time is not good for the battery or the fluids like oil. Technically you should take cars out for a drive weekly, if not more. Luxury and exotic cars face an additional issue, however, in that driving the car around can be a bit risky. You don't know what will happen in terms of minor damage from pebbles being thrown up by other cars' tires and so on. Try to map out a route that keeps you close to home and off very busy streets, or go out at a time when there aren't many cars about.

You should definitely have the car serviced regularly, even if you plan to cut back on driving it. The repair service can keep track of how your car is doing as you try to maintain it through its hibernation. Contact an exotic car service center for more information. 

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