Should You Get Winter Tires For Your Vehicle?

Are you concerned about how your car handles on the road this winter, and are now considering winter tires since there is now snow on the ground? Here is what you need to know about winter tires before you decide if you should get them or not.

Winter Tires Grip The Road Better

One of the main reasons that you are going to want winter tires for your vehicle is because they are able to grip onto the road better when driving on snow and icy road conditions. You're going to primarily notice this when accelerating and braking since it can make a big difference to you as a driver. 

Acceleration is going to have some slight advantage with winter tires, with your vehicle being able to get up to the desired speed slightly faster without the vehicle sliding around. However, the biggest advantage of going to be how the vehicle performs when braking. You'll notice that the grip that winter tires provide allow you to come to a complete stop much faster, which will make you less likely to hit another vehicle or object in the road. 

Winter Tires Provide Better Cornering

Another thing to consider is how those winter tires are going to help your vehicle with cornering. It does not matter if you have all-wheel drive or not, since all-season tires are going to provide handling that is not as good on icy road conditions. You are going to find that the tires cause your vehicle to make wider turns since they can't form that solid grip on the road that winter tires provide. Once again, this allows you to be safe when on the road since you are not at a higher risk of hitting another vehicle or object.

Winter Tires Need To Be Swapped Out

If you do decide to get winter tires put on your vehicle, you'll need to have them taken off when the winter season is over. You'll discover the winter tires are going to break down much easier when driving on a solid surface during the summer because there is not as much tread touching the road. The money that you try to save by not having the tires swapped out could end up costing you in the form of winter tires that need replacement sooner rather than later. 

Reach out to a local tire dealer in your area for more information on winter tires. 

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