Why Regular Car Oil Changes Are Necessary

As part of normal car maintenance, you're supposed to change the oil that flows in your engine at intervals recommended by your mechanic or the vehicle maker. But do you really know why regular engine oil changes are necessary?

Here are a few reasons you should change your engine oil on time.

Keep Your Car Running At Its Best

Engine oil is your vehicle's lifeblood. It's the essential working fluid that lubricates the internal parts of the engine to keep them running smoothly. Unfortunately, the oil doesn't retain its initial qualities forever. 

Over time, engine oil gets dirty and starts to lose its lubricating qualities. When this happens, it won't be effective at its job of keeping moving parts of the engine well-oiled. This will hurt the performance of your engine.

Timely changing of engine oil helps to keep your engine well-lubed and in top working condition, thus reducing the risk of a car breakdown in a time of need.

Increases the Fuel Economy of Your Car

If you don't change your engine oil regularly, all the dirt that the oil picks up will collect on the internal parts of your engine, thus straining the engine. When your engine is strained, fuel economy suffers. 

Getting your engine oil changed on a regular basis will help to keep your engine running optimally, allowing you to get more miles from your fuel.

Protects Your Engine

Dirty engine oil can be detrimental to your engine in a variety of ways. It increases the chance of engine damage due to internal friction and heat caused by moving parts rubbing against each other. Plus, the dirt that accumulates in the engine can cause premature wear of engine parts. 

Regular oil changes will help to keep your engine healthy and running at its best for as long as possible.

Reduce Harmful Car Emissions

Your engine oil does not just lubricate your engine but also cleans it. As the oil flows through your engine, it picks up dirt particles that could increase your driving emissions.

Changing your engine oil regularly will help to remove as much dirt as possible from your engine, thus keeping your driving emissions at a minimum.

Engine oil is essential for the proper operation of your car. Regular car oil changes will help to protect your engine and keep it working properly for as long as possible. Contact a car service shop near you for more information.

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