5 Reasons Your Brakes May Squeak After New Brake Pads Are Installed

Usually, squeaking brakes are a sign that you need new brakes. However, if your brakes are squeaking after you have new brake pads installed, there are a few reasons why this may happen.

Reason #1: Construction of the Pad

Many different types of brake pads that can apply to your vehicle. Most brake pads contain some sort of metal fibers. If there is an area where the metal fibers are too close together, this can cause a squeaking sound. With this type of squeak, the sound will usually go away as the brake pad wears down. This is not something you need to worry about.

Reason #2: Glossy Finish

When you have new brake pads put on your vehicle, they have to wear in. If you do a lot of hard stopping, your brakes will get hot and create a glossy finish on your brake pads. This glossy finish can cause a squeaking sound.

In this case, the auto shop can remove your pads and sand them down, giving them a smooth surface. If your brake pads are still under warranty, you can also ask the shop to install new pads and allow you to wear down the pads correctly, without the creation of a glossy finish.

Reason #3: Low-Quality Brake Pads

Not all brake pads are the same. If you have low quality brake pads installed on your vehicle, they may squeak. Low-quality pads are more prone to brake dust and more prone to make noise. In this case, you will need to upgrade to higher quality brake pads if you want the noise to stop.

Reason #4: Rotors Need to be Replaced

When your brake pads are replaced, generally, the rotors are replaced at the same time. If your rotors were not placed at the same time as the brake pads, the surface on the rotors will not mesh properly with the surface of the brake pads.

This will cause your brakes to make noise when you use them, and your vehicle will more than likely take longer than necessary to stop. If the rotors were not replaced, you might want to see if you can get the rotors replaced so that they will mesh better with the brake pads.

Reason #5: Caliper Pin Stuck in the "On" Position

Finally, a caliper pin could be stuck. Caliper pins are used to apply and release the brake pads. Sometimes, one of these caliper pins can get stuck in the applied pressure position. When this happens, the pad will be stuck at an incorrect angle.

This will cause odd glazing and result in both a sound when you apply the brakes and a burning smell. If this is happening, you will need new calipers. Depending on how long this has been occurring, you may need new brake pads and rotors.

If your brakes are making noise after you get the brake pads replaced, you will want to head to your mechanic so you can figure out why your brake pads are squealing. Your mechanic will let you know why your brakes are making noise and what you can do about it. For more information about auto repair, contact a local auto technician.

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