Getting An Estimate For Collision Repair? Follow These Tips

Do you have body damage to your vehicle, and not sure what to do to get it fixed? Here are some tips that will help you get an estimate on your vehicle and select a collision repair shop.

Tow Your Vehicle When You've Picked A Collision Shop

Is your vehicle not drivable at the moment, but you want to get an estimate on how much it will cost to make repairs? Don't make the mistake of towing a vehicle to a collision repair shop to get an estimate unless you're positive you want to use that auto shop. You may be shocked to discover that your auto insurance provider will not cover any storage fees associated with keeping the vehicle at their facility if you go with another collision shop. Only tow the vehicle to a shop when you've made a decision.

Look Beyond The Price of the Estimate 

One thing to consider when selecting a collision repair shop is if you can trust them to get the work done properly. You should not make a decision based on the estimate alone, since an estimate is not the final price for the repairs, but a general idea of what it could cost in the end. If you're using insurance, you're going to be covered for the repair as long as it is from an approved collision shop, so focus less on the cost and more on the type of service you receive. 

For example, does one auto shop offer a warranty on the work after it leaves the shop, while the other does not? Has one company been in business for a long time and a trusted business in the community? All of these things can mean more than a low estimate. 

Use Caution When Reading Reviews

It is very easy to get the wrong impression of a business when looking up reviews online. When people have a good experience they tend to be happy and not speak up. However, a negative experience can cause somebody to be very vocal about it. If you decide to look at reviews, consider that you are going to see a lot of negative reviews just by the nature of who leaves reviews. Read through those reviews, figure out what the complaint was, and decide if that complaint is valid. If you base your opinion of a company based purely on their star rating, you'll likely get the wrong impression of them. 

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