3 Ways Window Tint Protects Your Car From The Sun

Dark windows on a passenger vehicle are often thought of as being a style statement. While the sleek look of tinted windows will certainly turn heads, window tint can serve a more practical purpose as well.

Many vehicles spend a lot of time sitting out in the sun. The UV rays in sunlight can have a detrimental effect on your car's interior. Having your windows tinted by a professional will prevent damage and extend the life of your vehicle.

1. Protect Upholstery

Both leather and cloth seats can suffer under the intense rays of the sun. UV rays have the potential to dry out the oils in your car's leather seats. As these oils dry out, the leather becomes brittle.

Your seats are more susceptible to cracking when this process occurs. Cloth seats can begin to show signs of fading when exposed to UV rays. The dyes found in the upholstery will begin to break down when exposed to the sun.

By tinting your windows as soon as possible, you can preserve the integrity and comfort of your car's upholstery.

2. Prevent Electrical Damage

Modern vehicles are equipped with many electric features. Your radio, touchscreen, backup camera, and any other electrical components could be at risk of sustaining serious damage in direct sunlight.

UV rays can cause your vehicle's interior temperature to increase. Hotter temperatures make it more likely that the plastic sheath around electrical wiring will begin to melt. If this melting does occur, your electrical components could short out and malfunction.

You can avoid costly electrical repairs by adding window tint to help reduce the interior temperature of your vehicle.

3. Preserve Weatherstripping

If you look closely at the doors of your passenger vehicle, you will see a rubber seal that runs along the edge of the door opening. This rubber seal is your vehicle's weatherstripping. The weatherstripping is responsible for keeping dirt, debris, and moisture out of your vehicle while you are driving.

Weatherstripping also helps to keep cold air inside your vehicle's cabin when you have the air conditioner turned on and hot air inside the cabin when you are running the heater.

UV rays can cause your weatherstripping to crack. Cracks will reduce the effectiveness of the weatherstripping, leaving your vehicle vulnerable to a host of problems. Window tint will help filter out UV rays before they can damage the weatherstripping in your vehicle.

Contact a window tinting service to learn more.

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