2 Reasons Why You Should Never Drive Your Car When It Has A Cracked Engine Block

If your car seems to lose power while you are driving and the oil has taken on the appearance of a chocolate milkshake, the engine most likely has a crack in it. Since you are able to still drive your car, you may be tempted to continue doing so and put off taking it to a mechanic. However, there are a couple of reasons why you should never continue driving your car when it has a cracked engine block.

1.  Leads to More Extensive Problems Inside Your Engine

One of the main reasons why you should cease driving your car if you suspect that the engine has a cracked block is that it leads to more extensive problems than just the physical damage to the block itself. Because the crack allows coolant to enter the engine where the fluid is not intended, it can create a couple of issues.

First, when the coolant enters the engine, it contaminates the oil, making it less viscous and interfering with the oil's ability to properly lubricate the gears, pistons, and other moving parts. This can quickly lead to the rapid deterioration of the metal, and it could even cause your engine to seize up while you are driving.

Second, the heat from the engine will cause the coolant to boil. Exposure to excessively high temperatures will not only make your engine overheat, but it can also cause the metal to warp and the gaskets to deteriorate.

2.  Has the Potential to Create Electrical Shortages 

Another issue that is often caused by a cracked engine block is the increased chance that coolant will come into contact with the electrical wiring under your car's hood. If the coolant becomes extremely hot, it can start to spew out of the block and come into contact with the wiring.

When the wiring comes into constant contact with intensely hot fluid, there is a huge chance that it will cause an electrical short. If severe enough, this short could fry portions of your car's electrical system that would then need to be replaced.

If you continue driving your car when the engine block is cracked, you run the high risk of not only breaking down but also causing extreme damage that will lead to extensive, expensive repairs. Even if you only suspect that your car has a cracked engine block, take it to an auto service that provides engine repair services as soon as possible so that the technician can inspect your engine and discuss your options.

Reach out to a local engine repair service for more information.

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